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When it comes to searching for a job and landing an interview, it all starts and begins simply with your CV. 
Your CV may be your first opportunity to make an impression! Having an up to date CV will dramatically change your employability prospects and also put you in the advantageous position of getting the attention and interviews you deserve, bringing your dream job that little bit closer. 
Does it feel like it’s been a while since you updated your CV or perhaps you want a new CV all together? If the answer is yes, then jobsinmalawi.net can lead you through the process of creating a top quality CV and making sure you stand out in a crowded and competitive job market. 
Let us know if you want your CV to be updated to a professional level or even built from scratch. Let us work together- upload your CV or drop us an email, we will do the rest for MK35,000 Only 
If you dream big in life, you need to treat your CV as one of your most important assets. Click here for how to write a good CV 
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